I’ve been swallowed by the internet

Deciding to ‘make a go of it’ when it came to making a selling art has started to bring up some struggles for me. I thought I might share them.. because what else does one blog about??

I decided a few years ago now to take a social media break. It worked really well and helped me through some difficult times. Believing myself to be now, in a more practical mindset, I thought starting up again wouldn’t be too bad. Yup, nah, wroooong.

This round of summer holidays has thankfully included two places with no internet access. This helped me see in stark relief that its negative influence is back. I’m easily distracted and addicted again, not forgetting the sheer amount of time that magically gets swallowed up by it. Loud kids – social media, can’t decide what to do today – social media, feeling low – social media. Its never helped. I didn’t realise I was in this weird state of discontentment. That was until I was in a tiny Bach with no WiFi, overlooking a gorgeous estuary with limited roaming data on my phone. I felt super uncomfortable when all I wanted to do was see what was happening on Instagram.. I mean, WHAT?? I’m way to cool for that! right?! So I faced the music, rejected Instagram’s role in my life and instead I read books, explored with the family, went for walks and drew a little bit. Unquestionably, I felt more myself than I have, in at least three months; happier, content and enjoying what the world had to offer.

Back from the holiday I instantly went back to the social media habit and how I used to feel before the holiday started creeping back in. But this time I am not going to let it take over. What will that mean for marketing my art? I don’t know really. I guess it means I can’t sit behind a screen and post things up in the way I thought I might. Maybe It will make me get out more, see people, meet people and maybe even give local markets a shot? Honestly I’m happy to just to play it by ear at this point. What I do need first and foremost is work, more work… five prints do not a market stall/exhibition make. Other things will definitely include my own online shop on my website and a better newsletter system up and running. I won’t NOT be in social media. In fact I have some posts I’d like to put up soon.. but I’ll probably treat it like a one day a week job. A task list I drum out once a week and then I’m done.

Now I could entertain you with a huge vent on consumerism, marketing, algorithms, big business and work before sanity mindset.. but I won’t (maybe I’ll save that one for later! ha!). One thing is for sure, if the algorithm only favors people who post videos (“reels”) multiple times a day, everyday, then it can stuff its algorithm where the sun don’t shine. This lady will not get burnout… ever again. If that means I have to work out how to market myself in a way that does not rely on social media. Then so be it.

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