Shift: Urban Art Takeover – Review

From February to April this year our local Museum had a “street art” take over. They are heading into a massive refurbishment, its been largely the same since I remember going as a kid. So its well due. There are some pretty fab pieces in their collection that have not had the space to come out into the light of day in a very long time, so its going to be wonderful to get the chance to see all the things when its done.

After they emptied the collections safely out, they hosted what they called “the Urban Art Takeover” they invited artists of all kinds to come and paint on the walls, put in installations and generally have some fun. After that was complete, it was opened to the public.

I could not convince my kids to go, they were rather traumatised by the museum being pulled apart and refurbished and somewhat outraged at the time it was going to take to do so (five years). So off I went by my lonesome.

First off the walking around little passages, going into what was storage areas, offices and back passages felt almost intrusive and down right eery. After I chose a time that’s typically quiet, I was totally alone at times. So it felt a little like I was intruding the whole time. A bit naughty! Maybe slightly in danger even. It was a weird feeling. Was that personal? Or did others who went to it, feel that way too? Some artists went all out on the spooky dark places and weirdly, that admission through their art made me feel the most comfortable. Murderous pictures on the wall, like some spooky carnival ride… yep.. feeling more comfortable.

I really liked the variation of different styles and techniques that were shown too. So many different ways to put up a mural. One artwork, by Tyler Kennedy Stent was done in WATERCOLOUR. I mean what? I had no idea you could use water colour as a mural medium. Def not in the open air. For those of you that don’t know, if a water colour artwork gets wet, its pretty much ruined. And it goes on like water, so its not overly “tacky”.. the kind of texture of paint you typically need for something upright. I thought it looked stunning, my favorite for sure. That piece had me quite excited. I have googled the artist, gleaned what I could technique wise and started playing in the studio with what I could figure out so far. My results are a bit “meh”… saying that, I’m still intrigued, will play some more as time allows.

I should’ve got down all the artists name on my walk around. But I was on a deadline, as one always is with kiddos… I hope you enjoyed!







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  1. Gill Avatar

    Just a variety of artwork. In particular liked the bright mural with bird in blue.

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